The Award Winners
Ancient Life Emerges Into a Dying World

Award winner for longest title...
No, really. Winning this award, got me started, and gave me the impetus to keep going. (Beginners Award)
Infiknot Warp

A major foray into abstraction. Click the thumbnail to see the image in original size, and its associated award.

One of my Knots 3D objects, given a dwarven spin.

An L-System fractal.
Conversing With the L Flower

My first award from a major gallery
This image is a foray into fractal explorations in Bryce

I'm pretty proud of this award, since it comes from my peers. This image won the Bryce Forum Image of the Moment.

Bryce Forum Select Gallery Award, (my first) and Digital Artworks Award, (my second)

'Tis both an honor and rare privilege.

An L-System Fractal gets an award from a fractal competition

This image was all about exploration. It feels very good to me, that it received this award.
Twine Descent

An experiment with metaballs in Bryce 5 garners my third Digital Artworks award,
and my second Bryce Forum Select Gallery